1.) Ranks are as follows:

2.) All staff have the chance of moving up in there positions,
this is decided among the HA and the other Admins
We will decide as we feel a host is ready to move up
We will then approach the host to be moved up and
ask if they feel they would like the position they are being asked to move up to

3.) Staff should always be polite to everyone
(staff, players, members, and anyone in our lobby)

4.) Communication is important to all and in keeping our league
running smoothly and making it fun
Always IM anyone first if your having
an issue or problem with them
( never in the lobby)
If you can't resolve the issue always go to an HTD or Admin
with the problem and let them help you
(Don't wait until it gets to the boiling point)
as the longer the issue goes on the harder it will be to resolve

5.) There is no drama, swearing, or putting anyone down in our lobby
We keep it a fun and happy place for all to play
If you incur anything like this happening immediately but
politely explain that it is against the rules here as well as Cases
and Online Bandit rules, and if it continues, remind them they can be banned from the site, should it continue

5A.If it does continue or gets out of control and you cant get them to stop
then always IM an HTD or Admin and let them handle it

6.If there are any problems such as someone causing outbursts in the lobby
whether it be a member or player, as a staff member and host
it is your responsibility as the host that is hosting to follow this guideline:

6A. Immediately contact an Admin, if none available contact an HTD

6B. Get players to the table if at all possible and your in a tourney at the time

6C. If as the host hosting your tourney has not yet started and
members and players are responding to those with the outbursts,
ask all members to please ignore whats going on and not respond to it
This just keeps it going, and is what the the person wants
Don't feed into it and give them the attention they want

6D. If needed ask members to please either go and play a game or leave the lobby
( always doing so politely)
If the trouble starter has no one to get a response from they
will leave

6E. Always follow what your fellow staff member is requesting you to do in this situation
Please do not respond to the trouble starter in anyway
Let the host , HTD, or Admin handle it

7.) It will not be permitted for any staff member to ask another staff to speak for them
if they are having an issue or problem with another staff member or player
Please talk to an HTD and if they can't resolve your issue or problem
please talk to one of your Admins
( Promise we don't bite) LOL

8.) It will not be permitted or tolerated for any staff to repeatedly threaten to quit the staff
We are here to help and communicate with you about any problems or issues you may have and resolve them
Threatening to leave staff as a means of resolving these issues
doesn't work nor resolve anything but makes the situation worse
*All Staff Rules are subject to change or added on to at anytime so check rules occasionally.*